Zoning & Location

  1. Community Plans

    The City of Sun Prairie has a number of active planning documents it is using as a guide for development-related decisions.

  2. Extraterritorial Zoning (Windsor)

    The City of Sun Prairie and the Town of Windsor have mutually administered extraterritorial zoning (ETZ) over a portion of the Town since the early 1990s.

  3. Main Street Overlay (MSO & LWO) Zoning Districts

    In late 2010, the City adopted 2 overlay zoning districts that include properties located along West Main Street between downtown and Clarmar Drive. The new districts establish design standards for redevelopment and building expansion projects, as well as a shortened review process for projects that fully comply with the new standards. See below for more information on each district.

  4. Planning & Zoning

    The Plan Commission serves as an advisory body to the City Council, making recommendations regarding zoning amendments, planned developments, conditional use permits, subdivision plats, and most certified survey maps.

  5. Westside Traffic Impact Fee

    The city has established a traffic impact fee for the Westside neighborhood. Revenue generated through the collection of impact fees is helping to fund the construction of the arterial street system that serves this area of the city.

  6. Zoning & Development

    The Planning Department oversees most of the development applications that are filed with the city, from fairly minor site plans to major projects like new neighborhoods and large commercial developments.