Medication & Sharps Disposal

Medication Disposal
Do you have old medications that have expired or are no longer being used? Flushing them down the toilet or putting them in your refuse cart is not the answer. Studies have shown that these medications harm the environment-our water, lakes and the animals in them.

A permanent MedDrop is now available in the lobby of the Police Department, 300 East Main Street. The lobby is open 24/7. After hours, enter from Main Street.
Items Accepted
What you can dispose of in the MedDrop box:
  • Medication Samples
  • Nebulizer Solution
  • Over-the-counter medicine (pills, liquids, creams)
  • Pet meds
  • Prescription medicine (pills, liquids, creams)
  • Vitamins
Pills scattered on a surface
How to Use MedDrop Box
To dispose of medicine in the MedDrop box:
  • Empty contents of pill bottles into a Ziploc bag and recycle your pill bottles at home.
  • Please leave liquids, gels, or creams in their original containers and place them in a Ziploc bag.
  • Bring the Ziploc bags to City Hall and place them in the drop box.
Medical Sharps Disposal
To reduce public health risks, Wisconsin requires all citizens to manage medical sharps safely. It is illegal to put sharps in the refuse or recycle cart. Below is a list of registered medical sharps collection sites in Sun Prairie:
  • Copps
    2358 Ironwood Drive
    Sun Prairie, WI 53590
    Ph: 608-837-2867
  • Copps
    640 E. Main St.
    Sun Prairie, WI 53590
    Ph: 608-837-3821
  • O'Connell Pharmacy
    302 S. Grand Ave.
    Sun Prairie, WI 53590
    Ph: 608-837-5949
  • UW Health Physicians Sun Prairie Clinic
    Ph: 608-837-2206
Syringe with a needle