Sun Prairie Schools

The city is well known for its high-quality educational system. Over 7,500 students attend Sun Prairie schools, which include an alternative learning center, 3 parochial schools, Sun Prairie's SP4K program for 4 -year old children, and Sun Prairie's Virtual School for students in grades K-12.

High School
The School District opened a new $95 million High School (grades 10 to 12) in the fall of 2010, which includes a top-notch performing arts center and some of the most technically advanced classrooms in the nation. The previous high school was renovated as the new Upper Middle School (grades 8 and 9). There are 2 middle schools (grades 6 and 7) and 7 public elementary schools.

Full Range of Classes
The Sun Prairie Area School District provides a full-range of instruction from special education to a talented and gifted program.

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Prarie High School