Youth & Families Commission

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The Youth and Families Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month with the exception of July and October, when they meet on the second Thursday.

Agendas can be found on the city's website calendar. Agendas and minutes will soon be accessible through the City's Laserfiche system. Stay tuned!


The Youth and Families Commission is established under Chapter 2.60 in the city's municipal code of Ordinances. This section of the code provides information on how commission members are selected and the composition of the committee, term limits, procedures, compensation, meetings and duties.  Current members as of November 2017 include:

  • Karen Bailey, Adult Member
  • Taj Bourenane, Student Member
  • Pastor Charmaine Burns, Vice-Chair
  • Chasity Collins, Student Member
  • Maureen Crombie, Council Representative
  • TJ Hansen, Ex Officio Member
  • Peg Hanson, Adult Member
  • Mary Ellen Havel-Lang,  Adult Member, Chair
  • James Hodge, Student Member 
  • Jett Maertz, Student Member
  • Lynn Montague, Ex Officio Member
  • Jennifer Parks, Adult Member, Secretary
  • Thedora Smith, Adult Alternative
  • Jeanne Wellman, Adult Member
  • Jack Wilkinson, Sun Prairie Police Department
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Statement Of Purpose (Ordinance No. 44, May 17, 1988)
The Youth and Families Commission of the City of Sun Prairie, whose duty will be to increase the community's awareness of the positive contributions made to the community by the youth and families and to help groups within the city to work on making Sun Prairie a better place for the city's youth and families.

Mission Statement, 1989 (Reaffirmed March 2013):
The mission of the Sun Prairie Youth and Families Commission is to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the Sun Prairie School District. The Youth and Families Commission seeks to promote healthy behaviors, lifestyles, and the community conditions that empower people to be self-sustaining, contributing members of their families, schools, work places, and the community.

Click here to read the bylaws for the Youth and Families Commission (Updated September 2015).