Current Museum Exhibits and Displays

2017 Exhibits

Museum exhibits change annually.

Satellite Exhibits
Bank of Sun Prairie: Georgia O'Keeffe and her Clothing
Sun Prairie Municipal Building:  Women's Fashions - Pre and Post Civil War
Sun Prairie Public Library:  African - American Music
       Suggestions are welcome for another new display at the Public Library. The Museum Staff Volunteers have many ideas for displays. What do you want to investigate? Suggestions for displays are always welcome. Email the Museum or call 608-837-2915 to make a suggestion. 

2017 Exhibits

The History of Radio and Telegraph
 The museum staff, with the assistance of a private collector of radios, telegraph equipment and insulators, presents a portion of his collection. This comprehensive display covers radios from the early crystal sets up through transistor radios. There is also a working telegraph station in the museum for visitors to send a Morse Code message to the other end of the museum. There are also rare telegraph and power insulators on display. This collector is proud to have preserved the telegraph equipment from the Sun Prairie Railroad Depot
Our Native American Connection
Explore Native American Nations in the Sun Prairie area from 8,000 B.C. through the Caucasian settlement. Explore the countryside by traveling the ancient trails of the Native Americans.

O'Keeffe Sisters Art and Artifacts
Investigate the Sun Prairie heritage of the O’Keeffe and Totto families. Original records and correspondence between Georgia O’Keeffe and Sun Prairie leaders is included in the display. View two original works of art by Ida O'Keeffe, one on loan to the museum. Here the story of how Georgia and her sister Catherine painted a Portage barn on the same day in 1928 from the inside of a car. View 115 different works of art by Georgia, 12 by Ida, one by Catherine and numerous pieces of Tribute Art.
 Local Artists
The museum curator and museum staff encourage local artists to share their talents on display. This exhibit includes paintings by many artists including:
  • Paul Chase
  • Artimo Huerta
  • Brother Carl Tiedt
  • Fred Pechacek
  • Jean Burdekin
  • Judith Langer
  • Peter Cole
  • Poonam Rao
  • Sarah Mann
  • Stephen Paksy
  • John McGee
  • David Bradley
  • Richard Schierloh
  • Ana Recinos
  • Luisa Recinos
  • Jose Javier Valencia Recinos
  • Yvonne Pfeiffer

Hmong At Heart
An exploration of Hmong culture created by the Madison Children's Museum and gifted to the Hmong Community. Operate a rice pounder, create a Hmong necklace, children can dress like Hmong children. Trace the Hmong journey from Laos and Cambodia to various points in the United States after spending some time in a refugee camp.

Sun Prairie Family Ancestry Story Board
Read the remarkable stories and trace the origins of family names with a display of the Museum's Diversity Initative. Submit a paragraph or a full page about your family heritage to or drop it off at the museum.

Crosse House History
See a display of the local historical home owned by Dr. Charles Crosse and artifacts of the time period.