Organizational Structure

Sun Prairie Emergency Medical Services (SPEMS) is a city-operated 911 provider agency. SPEMS operates 2 paramedic ambulances, both staffed 24-hours a day, by 2 paramedics, from 2 stations within the city limits of Sun Prairie.

The EMS Department reports directly to the City Administrator and City Council, much like any other department or service provided by a municipality.
Organizational chart of the EMS Department's staff structure
Any ambulance agency operating in the State of Wisconsin is required to have oversight by a licensed physician and this position is commonly referred to as the medical director.

All paramedics that work for SPEMS are professional and either work in a full-time or part-time capacity for the service. Although extremely important to the Emergency Medical Services ecosystem of the nation, SPEMS does not utilize volunteers or any staff that are not licensed at the paramedic level.