Assessing Dates & Deadlines

Date Event
January 1 Assessment date. All property is assessed as it existed on this date (It may stay the same or change).
January 31 Full payment of taxes due or if paying in installments, due date of first tax installment payment.
March 30 Last day Assessor's staff conducts property inspections relative to 2018 assessment year.
March 1 Last day for business owners to file Statement of Personal Property forms. (PA-003).
Last day for property owners to file a Property Tax Exemption Request forms (PR-230) for the current assessment year.
March 15 Last day for property owners to file an Income & Expense Statement for commercial parcels.
June 11
2019 Assessment Change Notices mailed to property owners.
May 21 Initial 2019 Board of Review Meeting. (No scheduled appointments)
June 17
Open Book starting June 17 ending Thursday June 27.
TBD Objections are due to the City Clerk's Office no later than 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.  Drop box located @ 300 E Main St.
Week July 22 2019 Board of Review Reconvened.
Week July 22 2019 Board of Review Hearings Began.
2019 Board of Review Adjourned.
  Dec 1                                Owner Request for Property Review Due.